How To Get Email Marketing Right

Mar 30, 2022

Email marketing has been an effective promotional tool for companies for years, and it remains a popular and successful way of attaining and keeping customers or clients.

However, it is essential to get email marketing right, otherwise you could end up irritating your target market or fail to capitalise on their potential.

According to Entrepreneur, one of the biggest mistakes businesses make is not being consistent with their email marketing strategy. For instance, they might send a few emails at the beginning and then forget to do so for several months. However, consistency is key to remaining relevant to the recipient.

“Returning to subscribers’ inboxes after a long absence can have a variety of damaging consequences: Some people may not even remember who you are and so unsubscribe right away, others may get irritated and even report what you send as spam,” it stated.

Another mistake companies often make is failing to send a welcome email. However, research by Invesp revealed these get four times more opens and five times more clicks than other messages. This makes them 86 per cent more effective than newsletters, demonstrating how worthwhile they are.

Despite this, only 57.5 per cent of brands send welcome emails, losing out on conversions and revenue.

Businesses should also carry out testing when sending to new subscribers, as this checks whether the emails are delivered safely and do not end up in spam folders, where they get lost and remain unseen.

“It takes minutes and can make a world of difference in engagement rates,” Entrepreneur explained.

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